In the Beginning

Kerry Miller the Founder of OH Mama Food is passionate about Southwest Cuisine. For 30 years she has been perfecting her unique cooking style with big bold spices and deep flavors. OH Mama foods are spicy, but never so much that flavor is compromised. Fresh, pure, and honest ingredients are the foundation of all OH Mama Foods


Our Mission

To provide valuable, fresh, high-quality, and delicious products that delight and excite our customers. Customers and employees are the most important stakeholders in our business! Environmental stewardship and community activism are also essential at every level of our organization. We support local communities, sustainable agriculture, organic & local farmers, and reduce & recycle whenever possible. Additionally, we value every human being. Our motto is to never look down on anyone unless we are giving them a hand up.


All about Sauces

All OH Mama Gourmet sauces contain a signature blend of savory and sweet herbs and spices. For sweetness, we use organic palm sugar and no refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup.  Additionally all spices are ground fresh, and herbs are cut from the garden. To top it off, sea salt brings out all the flavors! The only preservatives in our food are natural citrus, salt, and palm sugar. Any produce not from Good Earth Garden’s is purchased from organic farms or local markets. Additionally, all products are hand packed and processed using safe USDA canning procedures. We take pride in the quality of our ingredients and sauces, and strive for 100% customer satisfaction!



If you are not satisfied with our product, contact us within 30 days of product receipt for a full refund. 

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